Researching on Writing in Xixia Dynasty


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Author  zhao yan long
Publisher  Ningxia peoples Publishing House
Publication Date   April 1, 2012
ISBN  7227051099
Pages  412

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The author of the book makes a comprehensive analysis, investigation and study of official documents and official documents writing in Xixia dynasty that is a northwest minority separatist regime founded in the medieval times in China, and makes up and perfects the studies of Xixia, and even more fills the gaps in the research of Chinese ancient documents. Through the unearthed literature, Chinese historical records as well as the existing research results, the books conducts an all-round, multi-angle combing and specific and informative research of the following aspects: the discovery, combing and study of the Xixia official documents, characteristics and functions of the Xixia official documents, the basic principle of the work relative to official documents, writing instruments and carrier of Xixia official documents, Xixia official documents composing management organizations and officials, types and style of Xixia official documents, the content and writing skills of Xixia documents, Xixia official documents system and so on.

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