Portrait of the Teaching of Confucius


Book Details

Author  Zhang Lihua Zhang Kai
Publisher  Anhui peoples Publishing House
Publication Date   January 1, 2013
ISBN  721206050X
Pages  303


Portrait of the Teaching of Confucius is the earliest existing picture book in China with a full plot reflecting the comparatively complete story of Confucius, starting from the mother Yan prays at Nishan and then gives birth to Confucius and ending with his disciples protecting his tomb after his death and Song Zhen Zong offering sacrifices to Confucius. It depicts the specific life story of Confucius in an illustrated way, making a pictorial annal of Confucius. Its paintings are meticulous and its images are lifelike, playing an important role in the formation and development of the latter picture books. It is not only a valuable heritage of Chinese culture and art, but also has high historical value, aesthetic value and collection value. This book is the photocopy of the colored Ming version, making collation of the original texts and providing the simple Chinese texts outside of the paintings for readers to facilitate the reading.

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