Classic Poems in Tang Dynasty in Pen Regular...


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Author  si ma yan
Publisher  Publishing House of Electronics Industry
Publication Date   February 1, 2015
ISBN  7121159252
Pages  46


On the basis of research on calligraphy theories and the promotion of copybook for more than ten years, Mr. Sima yan creats a copybook with the scientific and reasonable structure. All his published copybooks are examined by Mr. Zhou Zhengkui who works in People's Education Press. The copybook includes the writing of pinyin, stroke order, structure, writing guidance, and writing basic knowledge. Its content covers vocabulary, words, sentences, synonyms, antonyms, text fragment, the ancient poetry. It is not only for practing writing new characters after class, but also for reviewing for students. Also, it is both for the usual practicing calligraphy, and learning daily knowledge.

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