Pen Regular Script- Favorite Quotations -Si...


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Author  Si Ma Yan
Publisher  Publishing House of Electronics Industry
Publication Date   June 1, 2012
ISBN  7121159031
Pages  199


Based on concentrating on studying calligraphy theory, through combining practice experience of copybook popularizing for more than ten years, copybook of Mr. Si Mayan, the author of the book, realizes scientific compilation and rational structure. All synchronous published copybook series are approved officially by Zhou Zhenkui, editor of Peoples Education Press. Writing style of published copybook includes followings: phonetic, stroke order, structure, guidance for writing, basic knowledge of writing; contents involve followings: new words, words making, sentence making, parasynonyms, antonym, fragment of text, ancient poetry and numerous plates. The book is suitable for practicing new works after class as well as for reviewing class knowledge for students; for personnel of each circle, the book is suitable for practicing handwriting as well as for daily learning knowledge.

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