Ancient Chinese Dictionary of Wang Li


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Author  Wang Li
Publisher  Zhonghua Book Company
Publication Date   March 1, 2012
ISBN  7101012191
Pages  1936

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Wang Li designed the ideal dictionary mode in 1940s and started to write about it after 40 years. This book collects more than 10000 words with characteristic terms. Firstly, the present diversified dictionaries only parallels the literal meaning, extended meaning, figurative meaning, loaned meaning, and strange meaning in classic books; while this dictionary endeavors to clarify the trace and clue extensive development of polysemy, connect the literal meaning and extended meaning together to display the systematicness of word meanings, independently set up terms for indirect far extended meaning, loaded meaning. Therefore, the number of terms is decreased, and meanings are more clear, systematic and compliant with the historical fact of the development of change of word meanings. Secondly, the extension, reduction, and transferring of word meaning happen in a certain period of time in history, therefore, this dictionary displays the epochal character of word meaning in the interpretation. It also makes explanations for the extended meaning after the middle ancient time to set up historical view for word meaning in the dictionary. Thirdly, it also includes the strange meanings and unreliable meanings in historical documents and correct the mistakes in the former dictionaries in the collocation. Besides term analysis, it also includes analysis of synonym, analysis of cognate words, annotations of Lianmian words, comments generally clarify whether the words related are included in Shuo Wen Jie Zi or a certain volume of Shuo Wen, general introduction of radicals to outline the main point. With concise words, large amount of information and versatile functions such as scientific and technical research and teaching, this book will benefit different readers. The chief-editor is the posthumous famous linguistic, Mr. Wang Li who together with other editor is well-known scholar in the contemporary linguistic circle and the research circle of this book.

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