Collection of Discoveries in Maya, India...


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Author  xuan shu jin
Publisher  Higher Education Press
Publication Date   April 1, 2011
ISBN  7040313146
Pages  385


In 1730s, stone old castle Copan was found in the jungle of Honduras for the first time, confirming the Maya site; in 1922, animal seal found accidently in Mohenjo-dara (in Pakistan now) reveals the mysterious veil of ancient Indian; in the middle 19th century, about 20 thousand cuneiform steles was found in Britain, which demonstrate the past brilliant civilization of Babylon at Tigris and Euphrates 4000 BC. Based on archaeological achievements, this book introduces the rise and decline of the three civilizations of Maya, India and Babylon plainly and comprehensively, and reconstructs the historical scenes to present readers a clear and unexpected world picture and make them experience the shock on vision and soul from these refreshing and unfamiliar things.

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