45-YearPersonal experience in late Qing Dynasty-...


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Author  li ti mo tai
Publisher  People's Publishing House
Publication Date   January 8, 2011
ISBN  7010101337
Pages  402

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It records in detail the experience of Richard Timothys experience in late Qing Dynasty; he participated in the process of Chinas history in nearly all the fields, religion, science, communication, international trade, disaster relief, creation of modern school and specialty college, establishment of modern publishing house etc; he is not only an influential public religious person, but also the distinguished guest of Chinese and foreign officials, the private adviser of the Reformists behind the scenes, the opposer of Sun Yat-sens revolutionary party. During the 45 years period, whiling spreading the Gods gospel, he makes friends with high-rank officials, contacts gentry, giving advise on foreign affairs, advocating political reform, mediating foreign affairs, attacking revolution. Sometimes behind the scenes and sometimes on the stage he goes out of his way and is busy in the real life. He maneuvers among various political groupings, becomes an influential man in the dramatic change in the late Qing Dynasty and leaves indelible print in Chinas modern history.

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