Parthenos, Nymphe, Gyne

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Author  Ulrike Theisen
Publisher  V&R unipress
Publication Date   October 31, 2009
ISBN  389971556X
Pages  159

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The analysis of ancient costumes has always been an important subject of archeological research. The focus of the present thesis questions the system of women's dresses in the 5th century BC. By taking a close look at classical greek sculpture, vase painting, and written sources, the author investigates whether female costumes indicate a specific meaning. This involves analyzing, describing and carefully defining the different types of clothing and garments. The pediments of Zeus' temple in Olympia give a good example for the various applications of women's clothing. No less than three different types of Peplos and a Chiton can be discussed and interpreted here. The aim of this volume is to develop a semantic system, to connect specific garments with certain groups of women. In ancient Greece, women were defined by their age, social status and abilities. Presumably, it is possible to distinguish between different groups of women through their dress, as it is possible to do for men of the same period. German text.

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