Figurale Bronzen ägyptischer und griechisch-römischer...

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Author  Mohammed Ali Al-Salami
Publisher  Dr Ludwig Reichert Verlag
Publication Date   May 25, 2012
ISBN  3895008427
Pages  112

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The first article in this volume presents 17 bronzes that came to light among the ruins of an enwalled settlement atop the Jabal al-Awd, a nearly 3000-meter high mountain located some 50 km east of Ibb. The figural bronzes encompass Egyptian or Greek-Roman kinds, but also those obviously produced in South Arabia that display the influence of works from the Mediterranean sphere. Residences of rulers and palaces are a well-known occurrence among ancient civilizations. This applies to ancient South Arabia as well, whence a number of such complexes are found, for example, the palace of Gumdan in Sanaa. The description of Gumdan, as documented by al-Hamdani for instance, shows great similarity with the rock paintings at Djarf al-Yahudi, a basolt promontory located ca. 50 km east of Sanaa. The second contribution in this tome provides a description of these rock paintings and compares them with the documentation made by al-Hamdani.

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