Chiragan, Aphrodisias, Konstantinopel

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Author  Marianne Bergmann
Publisher  Reichert Verlag
Publication Date   December 1, 1999
ISBN  3895001236
Pages  81

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Asia Minor produced large quantities of free-standing sculptures with mythological subjects during Late Antiquity. Bergmann analyses the stylistic characteristics and content of these sculptures through the analysis of specific examples, notably a group of sculptured gods found on the Esquiline Hill, now in Constantinople, and another group from Chiragan villa near Toulouse. The sculptures all exhibit a limited range of elements and forms, including the position of the legs and the arrangement of drapery and the hair. The style is heavily influenced by Hellenistic sculpture and many bear the signatures of artists from Aphrodisias. Bergmann examines the similarities and differences between the sculptures in an attempt to identify schools, and traces the spread of the style from Aphrodisias and the new capital Constantinople to the rest of the empire. She identifies other examples from around the Roman world as well as local imitations. The book includes an index of relevant museum collections.

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