The Ancient Distribution of Ungulate Mammals...

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Author  H.P. Uerpamann
Publisher  Dr Ludwig Reichert Verlag
Publication Date   January 1, 1987
ISBN  3882263954
Pages  176

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The distribution of ancestor forms of goat, sheep, cattle, pig, horse, donkey, camel and dog are depicted on eight partial maps (A VI 16 1-8). The recent remaining areas of the wild ancestors (that still exist), as well as the area during the late Pleistocene, are given if they extend substantially further than the distribution at the moment of domestication. Closely related wild farms, which have not been domesticated, are mapped as well. The sheetlike depiction of the distribution areas is based on the interpretation of archaeological evidences which are drawn on the map by numbered finding place signatures. These are allocated by a list of finding places. Finding places are depicted and marked with the date of the first appearance of the domestic form and are important for the domestication history of the concerning animal form. The appearance of domestic forms given by numbered finding place signatures are differentiated between a Stone Age (before 3000 B, C) and a Metal Age occurrence. The approximate period of the first general use of the respective species within important cultural regions (e. g. Nile valley, Mesopotamia) is shown on the map by numerical figures. The naturally simplified cartographical reproduction of the complex matter of domestication and distribution history of wild ancestors is scientifically discussed in two TAVO-supplements of the author (series B No 28, 1978 and series A No 27, 1987).

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