The World Of Homer


The World Of Homer (Andrew Lang's Collector's Edition)

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Author  Andrew Lang
Publisher  Jazzybee Verlag
Publication Date   December 16, 2017
ISBN  3849673200
Pages  154

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In the perpetual running fight about the Homeric Homer, Mr. Andrew Lang has been for some years a most prominent champion. In his latest return to the fray, " The World of Homer ", he lays about him in a very joyous and triumphant mood. His foemen are all those who hold, in some form or other, that " the Iliad is a mosaic produced by a long series of Ionian additions to an Achaean ' kernel.' " Against them he maintains that '' the Iliad is, in the main, the work of a single poet, as is shown by the unity of thought, temper, character and ethos " ; that it is " a work of one brief period, because it bears all the notes of one age, and is absolutely free from the most marked traits of religion, rites, society, and superstition that characterise the preceding Aegean, and the later ' Dipylon,' Ionian, Archaic, and historic periods in Greek life and art" Homer is an Achaean poet, composing for Achaean auditors at a time when "the glow of Aegean (late Minoan, Mycenean) culture still flushed the sky." In support of his contention he writes nearly three hundred pages under such captions as "The Homeric World in War," "Homer and Ionia" "Bronze and Iron," "Burial and the Future Life," and "The Great Discrepancies." It goes without saying that the argumentation is serious. Some historians have long been in accord with Mr. Lang's principal views, while differing from him about many details ; but from friend and foe alike the book deserves attention.

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