All That Glitters Is Gold


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Author  Robert Morritt
Publisher  LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
Publication Date   January 3, 2012
ISBN  3846504114
Pages  148

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We now live in the age of the Metal Detector. Finally people with no comprehension of antiquities or their value can roam over hills and dales and by disturbing historical soil layers ‘find’ treasure trove. We are all familiar with the recent find (by a metal detector) of the Staffordshire hoard estimated to be valued at over 3 millon pounds sterling! A fear expressed by archaeologists and historians is that clandestine artefacts discovered by a metal detector be disbursed and be sold privately with historical information of a settlement site being lost. It is felt that in all cases proper techniques that should referred to professional archaeologists, and historians. (as in the case of the Staffordshire Hoard, which is being competently assessed at present.The main criteria here is that the historical significance of a find of the culture that produced it. That a site should be professionally analysed, not to keep archaeologists ‘in a job’ but to preserve for all future generations the history of artifacts, especially if the initial discovery indicates traces of ancient ‘settlement'.

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