The Levant


The Levant: History and Archaeology in the Eastern Mediterranean

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Author  Pierre-Louis Gatier
Publisher  Konemann
Publication Date   September 1, 2000
ISBN  3829004958
Pages  400

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Four thousand years of history and archaeology in the Levant - from the Bronze Age to the Middle Ages - are presented in this volume. Uncovering buried history, a team of French archaeologists follows the significant cultural developments and their impact on the gate between the Orient and the Occident: relics of the first cities in the Bronze Age, traces of the Phoenician conquests in the Mediterranean, characteristics of the fusion of cultures in the Greco-Roman era, monuments to the kingdoms of the Nabataens and their mythical capitol Petra, evidence of the golden age of oriental Christianity, and finally the manifestation of Islamic conquest as a battle for power during the crusades.

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