Felsreliefs und Felsinschriften der luwischen...


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Author  Horst Ehringhaus
Publisher  Philipp von Zabern
Publication Date   October 23, 2013
ISBN  3805345429
Pages  144

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The author makes reference to the artistic upstanding rock reliefs and rock inscriptions of the history and culture of Luwian states in Asia Minor for the first time. The reliefs and inscriptions of the 12th to 8th century BC still can be found at the places of their fitting in the fascinating mountains in southern Anatolia and southeastern Asia Minor. The reliefs allow many insights into the history, society and religion and illuminate the cultural relations with neighboring peoples and the Neo-Assyrian Empire, whose later rise to great power meant the end of the Luwian states in Asia Minor. The fascinating evidence of a great past is threatened by vandalism and progressive erosion. Some reliefs are already lost for posterity, but are documentary preserved by this book.

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