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Author  Dr Robert Garland
Publisher  Philipp von Zabern
Publication Date   October 25, 2012
ISBN  3805345402
Pages  160

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The march of Hannibal across the alps with his army and elephants is legendary. His victory over the Romans at the Battle of Cannae was still a strategic model in the 19th century. Thus, Livy delivers his judgment on his great opponent: you know how to gain a victory, Hannibal, but you do not know how to make use of it. Only a few figures from ancient history have achieved so much and had, at the same time, experienced such a fatal defeat as the carthaginian general. Robert Garland portrays life and genius of Hannibal's tragedy. With respect to his military genius, he shows the errors of judgment and the mistakes of Hannibal's politics, which doomed his career. The autor makes clear how closely failure and brilliance were linked in his personality.

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