Ancient Iran from the Air


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Author  David Stronach
Publisher  Philipp von Zabern
Publication Date   April 5, 2012
ISBN  3805344538
Pages  192

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This book features many of the more exceptional landscapes and monuments of Iran as seen through the lens of the world's foremost aerial photographer, George Gerster. The photographs, which were taken between 1976 and 1978, are presented in six chapters, each authored by one or more scholars of international repute, and the work as a whole is edited by two of the main contributors, David Stronach and Ali Mousavi. Ancient Iran from the Air takes the reader on an aerial odyssey that explores the country's infinitely varied landscapes; many of the more noted sites associated with Iran's rich prehistoric past; the storied capitals of the Achaemenid and Sasanian empires; the memorable monuments of Saljuk and Safavid Isfahan; and, last but not least, on a journey that celebrates the age-old virtues of Iran's largely unsung vernacular mud-brick architecture.

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