Typenatlas der romischen Reichspragung von Augustus...

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Author  Franziska Schmidt-Dick
Publisher  Austrian Academy of Sciences Press
Publication Date   November 23, 2011
ISBN  3700169558
Pages  378

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The Typenatlas der romischenReichspragung von Augustus bisAemilianus systematically presents and discusses the iconography of the reverses of Roman imperial coins as contemporary official primary sources. While the first volume, published in 2002, deals with the reverse types depicting female figures, volume II presents geographical personifications and male figures. The third volume will include reverses not featuring humanlike figures and group scenes as well as an index. Each reverse type is illustrated and carefully described, and cross references to the relevant handbooks are provided. Special attention has been paid to the chronology, and the plates include time-lines. Thus, the volume not only points out connections between the different types, but also gives an insight into the chronological development of the typological inventory used by the Roman mint. In this way, the book is a most important tool for numismatists and, at the same time, provides information unavailable elsewhere for everyone interested in classical studies in a broader sense.

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