Keramik aus klassischen Kontexten im Apollon-Heiligtum...

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Author  Gudrun Klebinder-Gauss
Publisher  Austrian Academy of Sciences Press
Publication Date   January 2, 2013
ISBN  3700169493
Pages  440

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During the late Archaic and Classical periods, the island of Aegina was an important center in the central Aegean. Its power and prosperity resulted from the intense trade activities of its fleet in the Saronic Gulf and up to the Black Sea, North-Africa and Italy. This volume presents pottery from the Classical period excavated in the area of the Kolonna-hill; the acropolis of the island's ancient capital. The contexts discussed here contain imported pottery, such as from Attica, Corinth, Laconia, Eastern Greece and from the Northern Aegean, and numerous vessels of local origin. The main emphasis of this volume is the careful analysis of the local pottery-production that has been thus far neglected. Supplementary scientific analysis and the interpretation of written sources on pottery production at Aegina creates a picture of an important production center of cooking pottery. The production flourished in the Classical period and a wide range of shapes was developed and exported to distant regions. Beyond the study of stylistic developments of the pottery of this period and the interpretation of the contexts in terms of chronology and function, the pottery is also analyzed within the context of the political and economic situation of Aegina.

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