Tell el-Dab'a XXI

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Author  Manfred Bietak
Publisher  Austrian Academy of Sciences
Publication Date   December 31, 2009
ISBN  3700165854
Pages  260

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Since 1966 the remarkable discoveries at Tell el-Daba, unearthed by Professor Manfred Bietak, have excited archaeologists and Egyptologists worldwide. In reconstructing the history of the site there is clear evidence that Avaris was a major centre of international significance, from its inception to its demise. A testimony to its international character in the Middle Bronze Age period was the discovery of relatively large quantities of Cypriot pottery, the largest collection hitherto discovered in Egypt. This publication documents the pottery in the light of the discoveries at Tell el-Daba and examines the assemblage in the context of the circulation of Cypriot pottery in the Levant. The spectrum of Cypriot wares includes fine examples of the White Painted tradition (e.g. White Painted Pendent Line Style, Cross Line Style and WP V) as well as Red on Black, Plain Ware and Cypriot Bichrome. This book catalogues the full repertoire of Cypriot wares and comparative material from over 40 sites in the Levant, presenting a new perspective on the circulation of Cypriot pottery in the Middle and Late Bronze Ages. It also addresses the wider implications of the use of pottery in establishing chronological frameworks and problems which arise when using the traditional classification systems devised for Cypriot pottery.

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