Tell el-Dab'a XVI/II von Tell el-Dab'a...

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Author  Irene Forstner-Muller
Publisher  Austrian Academy of Sciences Press
Publication Date   December 31, 2008
ISBN  3700160968
Pages  437

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This volume presents the tombs and burial customs of the second millennium B.C. located in the Eastern suburb of Tell el-Dab'a, ancient Avaris, the capital of the Hyskos. This suburb, Area A/II, is dominated by a sacred precinct with temples of Egyptian and Near Eastern types, as well as cemeteries. The inhabitants of Avaris are predominantly Asiatic in origin, and therefore their tombs are of significant interest to scholars of Levantine archaeology. Since their first appearance, the tombs within these cemeteries are notable by the presence of both Egyptian and Asiatic elements. They span a period of almost 250 years from the Late Middle Kingdom until the beginning of the 18th Dynasty. This volume is divided into two parts: Part 1 "Auswertungen und Betrachtungen" presents the funerary architecture, the spatial distribution of the tombs within the cemeteries, the burials themselves and their offerings. The chapter on the tomb offerings focuses on the pottery, which mainly originates from inside the tombs. This is followed by a description of the tombs in their respective phases, a chapter on funerary rituals and general remarks and conclusions. The second part consists of a catalogue which is arranged in chronological order, beginning with the earliest phase followed by a table of the distribution of the offering types and photo plates. German text.

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