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Author  Jorg Weilhartner
Publisher  Austrian Academy of Sciences Press
Publication Date   October 20, 2010
ISBN  3700160615
Pages  384

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The island of Aegina lies in the middle of the Saronic Gulf between the east coast of the Argolid and the south coast of Attica. Because of its favoured geographical position it was of great strategic and supra-regional economic importance. Consequently, the island and its inhabitants were frequently mentioned in ancient literature. Although these literary sources undoubtedly represent the foundation of archaeological and historical studies, to date a critical and exhaustive study of Aegina has been an unrealised desideratum. Therefore, this volume provides a systematic compilation of all written statements found in Greek and Roman literature, from Homer to Byzantine times, relating to Aegina and its inhabitants. Furthermore, to facilitate judgment a translation and detailed explanations of the context have been added. Finally, data on historical events in chronological order and a systematic and elaborate subject-index complete the volume. German text.

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