Middle Helladic Pottery and Synchronisms

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Author  F. Felten
Publisher  Austrian Academy of Sciences Press
Publication Date   December 30, 2007
ISBN  3700137834
Pages  371

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The results of the many years of excavations on the Aegina- Kolonna, which have revealed the significance of this area for the entire Aegean region during the Middle Bronze Age, was the occasion for an international workshop to be convened entitled "Middle Helladic Pottery and Synchronisms". Since the pioneering work of Carl W. Blegen, Alan J. B. Wace and others, a general consensus has developed concerning the Middle Helladic ceramic sequencing and its sub-phases. It is nevertheless still difficult to link the individual stylistic development phases from the different parts of the Greek mainland, as well as to determine their relationship to regions further away, as for example the Aegean Islands. This problematic was decisive for inviting a group of scholars doing research on Middle Helladic ceramics and other related ceramics found in stratified contexts to discuss related topics. These topics include: Aegean ceramic of the Middle Helladic; Middle Helladic ceramics from other Aegean regions; the transition from Early Helladic to Middle Helladic; The transition from Middle Helladic to Late Helladic; Origin, first appearance and distribution of specific ceramic groups; Uses of different terminology for similar or identical characteristics; The synchronisation between the mainland, the Cyclades and Crete.

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