Die Basilika am Staatsmarkt in Ephesos...

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Author  Claudia Lang-Auinger
Publisher  Austrian Academy of Sciences Press
Publication Date   September 14, 2007
ISBN  3700137338
Pages  212

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It is the preceding volume FiE IX/2/3, Part 2, which completes the documentation and interpretation of the finds of the excavations of the Basilika am Staatsmarkt of the sixties and early seventies of the last century. Thus we obtained important results for Ephesian research, confirming that an earlier building construction - a Hellenistic stoa - in this area of the city took place about 200 BC. Two different fills could be extracted: one under the stylobat of the Hellenistic stoa and another 1,2m above this stylobat brought up for the walking ground of the early Roman Basilika. The area was the cemetery which was used till the Hellenistic Ephesos was founded. The moulds for ceramic vessels, lamps and terracottas as well as the loom weights give evidence for private housing and workshops in this area before the stoa was constructed. According to the historical facts the main assemblage of amphora stamps belongs to the first half of 3rd century B.C. and is dominated by Rhodes. By the late 3rd century and continuing to the middle of the 2nd century the local region's presence becomes more clearly indicated. In the late 3rd century the private buildings in this area were demolished to build up the stoa; and in the end of the 1st century the stoa was pulled down bit by bit to give place for the Basilika. Some of the finds like glass, lamps and most of the coins give prove of its existence till the 7th century.

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