Hangaus 1 in Ephesos

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Author  Barbara Czurda-Ruth
Publisher  Austrian Academy of Sciences Press
Publication Date   August 1, 2007
ISBN  3700136722
Pages  281

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This volume presents the approximately 1,150 glass fragments from the "Hanghaus" 1 in Ephesos, providing an overview of seven centuries of Roman glass: from late-Hellenistic bowls to early-Byzantine lamps and goblets. The diversity of shapes reflects not only the city's location at the intersection of the western and eastern Roman regions, but also its prosperity in the first three centuries A.D. and its subsequent economic decline. The typological processing of the finds was supplemented by comprehensive comparisons with other archaeological locations. This and the investigation of twenty-two homogeneous find complexes from different periods allow conclusions concerning production locations, distribution and dating. The volume also includes plates with drawings, colour photographs and maps, as well as an extensive bibliography. The second part contains a material analysis of 106 specimens, the selection offering the greatest possible diversity in typological and chronological terms.

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