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Author  Helmut Birkhan
Publisher  Verlag Der Osterreichischen Akademie Der Wiss
Publication Date   June 1, 2000
ISBN  3700128142
Pages  453

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The era of the Celts lasted more than 1,000 years in the history of Central and Western Europe. This lavishly illustrated volume comprehensively documents Celtic culture from its emergence in the Hallstatt period to the era of Christian-ization, between Anatolia and Ireland, Slovakia and Portugal. A brief, yet detailed introduction explains and comments on the material, pointing out connections and interpreting the illustrations, drawings, and maps. An index of illustrations refers the reader to further literature on the subject, as well as providing additional information.

This fascinating period of ancient European culture is presented in a total of almost 800 illustrations documenting major items from over 60 museums and collections. More than 160 scholars and artists from Ireland to Turkey have contributed invaluable pictorial material. The author has traveled the entire settlement area of the Celts, in particular the British Isles, and supplements the illustrations of objects with his own atmospheric landscape photographs, providing fascinating ethnographic details of everyday life, traditional customs, and popular piety.

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