Pre-colonial political history of Shona...


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Author  Samson Brown Muchineripi Marume
Publisher  LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
Publication Date   September 4, 2015
ISBN  9783659774102
Pages  180

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Precolonial political history of Shona Great Zimbabwe States which has not been presented in this form before is premised on ample evidence of its existence whose evidence has been hugely ignored or misrepresented or distorted by both inside and outside writers in an attempt to undermine the significance of Shona Africans in their contribution towards early civilization. Both general and specific bases for the existence of precolonial history existed. Specifically, early Shona states existed as, (a) the least documented and least mentioned first large scale system of Karanga also called Southern Shona, (b) the famous northeast Munhumutapa Empire of Mutota and Matope, (c) the least known Torwa and Changamire states as separate from Munhumutapa Empire, (d) prestigious Changamire Empire of 1650 to 1890, and (e) the unwelcome intrusive groups into Changamire states as well as the white colonialism, and the end of Shona state, and establishment of white rule Southern Rhodesia.

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