Relationship Between Ancient Roman Settlements...

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Author  Musa Tokmak
Publisher  LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
Publication Date   July 19, 2012
ISBN  3659135062
Pages  176

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From ancient to modern times, earthquakes influenced the human beings. The active faults produced attractive topography to settle. People preffered the vicinity of the fault line as settlement location and they were not aware of the earthquake potential hazards for their location. Therefore, because of the advantage of the location they did not consider to change the place as indicated by rebuilding their settlement repeatedly at the same place after it is damaged. West Anatolia (in todays Turkey's west part) includes too many Roman and Greek period ancient cities that located near the active faults. They damaged many times and rebuit again. This book is a good reference for the archeologies who works in an excavation field related to settlements and earthquakes.

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