Magic, Mythology and Maya

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Author  Rachel Meese
Publisher  VDM Verlag
Publication Date   August 9, 2009
ISBN  3639188640
Pages  60

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This monograph examines the origins and development of the Yogin? cult; a little-studied medieval Hindu sect. It examines the influence of ??kta theology upon the development of the cult, establishing the origins of the Yogin? goddesses and their apparent metamorphosis from numerous pur?n?ical sources, including the literary personification of goddess worship, the Dev? M?h?tmya. The Tantric heritage of the cult and its unorthodox and occult practices are also explored and some of the existing assumptions that previous scholars have made, regarding the cult?s use of human sacrifice and corpse rituals in pursuit of supernatural powers, are challenged. The study makes frequent reference to the oldest known Yogin? temple at H?r?pur in the Indian state of Orissa, where research was undertaken by the author. The culmination of this study centres on contemporary practices and worship at the H?r?pur temple and assesses how the cult, in pursuit of Sankritisation, has eventually acquiesced with mainstream Hindu religious practices.

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