Opera Quae Exstant Omnia, vol. III, fasc...

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Author  Claudius Ptolemaeus
Publisher  K.G. Saur Verlag
Publication Date   June 16, 1999
ISBN  3598717466
Pages  480

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The edition of Ptolemaeus provided by F. Boll and E. Boer (1940) came into existence under difficult circumstances. A comparison with the F. E. Robbins edition, which appeared independently in the same year, reveals several divergences in the citations of the variants, all of which Hübner has corrected by recollating the most important manuscripts. Moreover, results of research in the intervening years have been brought to bear on this edition including the role played by the Johannes Abramius school (14th century) in the textual history as well as new editions of astrological works, especially those of Hephaistion of Thebes who, in many passages, adheres so closely to Ptolemy's text that his rendering can tip the scales in many critical decisions.

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