The World of the Nabataeans. Volume 2 of...


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Publisher  Franz Steiner Verlag
Publication Date   December 31, 2007
ISBN  3515088164
Pages  392

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Contents: Konstantinos D. Politis: Prologue; Norman Lewis: The Rediscovery of Petra, 1807-1818; Robert Wenning: The Nabataeans in History (Before AD 106); John F. Healey: Nabataeans Inscriptions: Language and Script; John R. Bartlett: Nabataean Religion; Joseph Patrich: Nabataean Art between East and West: A methodical Assessment; Laurent Tholbecq: Nabataean Monumental Architecture; Bernhard Kolb: Nabataean Dwellings: Domestic Architecture and Interior Decoration; David Graf: Nabataeans under Roman Rule (After AD 106); Konstantinos D. Politis: Nabataean Cultural Continuity into the Byzantine Period; Fazwi Zayadine: The Spice Trade from South Arabia and India to Nabataea and Palestine; John P. Oleson: Nabataean Water Supply, Irrigation and Agriculture; Jacqueline Studer: Animal Exploitation in the Nabataean World; Peter J. Parr: The Urban Development of Petra; Hero Granger-Taylor: Textiles of the Graeco-Roman Period from the Dead Sea Region; Stephan G. Schmid: Nabataean Fine-ware Pottery; James R. B. Mason: Experimenting the Manufacture of Nabataean Fine-ware Pottery; Julian M. C. Bowsher: Monetary Interchange in Nabataean Petra; Steven Rosen: The Nabataeans as Pastoral Nomads. An Archaeological Perspective; Zaki Aslan: The Cultural and Heritage Management of Petra; Glen W. Bowersock: Conclusion.

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