The Greek Colonisation of the Black Sea Area...

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Author  Gocha R. Tsetskhladze
Publisher  Franz Steiner Verlag
Publication Date   December 31, 1998
ISBN  3515073027
Pages  336

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Of all the areas colonised by the Greeks, the Black Sea is one of the least-known in the West, although the area is gradually opening up to Western scholarship. This volume presents the work of Western and Eastern scholars - archaeologists, historians, linguists, epigraphists - on the Black Sea. Contents: Greek colonisation of the Black Sea Area: Stages, models and native population (G. R. Tsetskhladze) ; Greek ideas of the north and the east (M. Vassileva) ; Pontic interactions: the cult of Sabazios (A. Fol) ; Notizen zur griechischen Kolonisation am westlichen Schwarzen Meer (M. Lazarov) ; Apollonia Pontica: Recent discoveries in the Necropolis (K. Panayotova) ; Zum beginn der römischen Kontrolle der griechischen Städte an der Westkueste des Pontos Euxeinos (A. Avram) ; Megaran colonisation in the Western half of the Black Sea (J. Hind) ; The Greek colonisation of the Black Sea region in the light of private lead letters (Y. Vinogradov) ; Ionia and the North Pontic Area: Archaic metalworking (M. Treister) ; Olbia and Berezan: the early pottery (J. Boardman) ; Archaic Berezan: Historical-archaeological essay (S. Solovev) ; The foundation of Tauric Chersonesus (S. Y. Saprykin) ; Greek Colonisation of the Bosporus (G. A. Koshelenko and V. D. Kuznetsov) ; The Achaeans and the Heniochi: reflections on the origins and history of a Greek rhetorical topos (D. Asheri) ; Writing and re-inventing colonial origins (D. Braund) ; Die Gruendung von Sinope und die Probleme der Anfangsphase der griechischen Kolonisation des Schwarzmeergebietes (A. L. Ivantchik) .

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