Revolution and Society in Greek Sicily and Southern...


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Author  Shlomo Berger
Publisher  Franz Steiner Verlag
Publication Date   December 1, 1992
ISBN  3515059598
Pages  128

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The analysis of a Greek political phenomenon within the confines of the so-called colonial city-states of Sicily and Southern Italy is the theme of the present book. On the basis of detailed case-studies covering the revolutions in cities like Croton, Cumae, Acragas and Syracuse, the following subjects are dealt with: social stratification and political institutions, the massive presence of foreigners and non-Greeks within the borders of the polis, the role of mercenaries in the local armies and in city life. An apart chapter is dedicated to the technique of the coup d'├ętat, showing how it was determined by the peculiarities of the Greek city-state.

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