Alcidamas, Aristophanes and the Beginnings...


Alcidamas, Aristophanes and the Beginnings of Greek Stylistic Theory (Hermesa- Einzelschriften) (German Edition)

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Author  Neil OSullivan
Publisher  Franz Steiner Verlag
Publication Date   December 1, 1992
ISBN  3515054200
Pages  168

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This book examines the ideas of Greek writers up to and including Aristotle on different types of style. Arguing that these ideas were much more clearly defined at this stage than has usually been thought, it pays particular attention to the early connections between poetic and rhetorical theory and demonstrates the same influences at work in both. From Aristophanes' Frogs to Aristotle's Rhetoric, and from Plato's Phaedrus to the fragments of Gorgias' pupil Alcidamas, the discussion brings together many early perceptions of style and focuses attention on the antithesis of 'unwrittenae and 'writtenae, corresponding, it is argued, to the better known opposites of 'grandae and 'thinae. This connection is further shown by copious illustrations from literary theory preserved by later writers, both Greek and Roman. The climax of the book is the examination of Aristophanes' descriptions of orators in the light of the rhetorical theory of following generations and his own description of poetic styles: a unity stretching across centuries and across all forms of verbal expression is revealed. The detailed Index verborum and Index locorum increase the book's usefulness to all students of ancient rhetoric. (Franz Steiner 1992)

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