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Author  Alexander Jacob
Publisher  Georg Olms Verlag
Publication Date   January 1, 2012
ISBN  3487147408
Pages  291

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This supplement to the author's study of Indo-European cosmology, Atman, employs the cosmological insights of the ancient Indo-Europeans to illuminate the various sacrificial, theurgic, and gnostic systems that were developed therefrom by the Japhetic Aryans and the Hamitic Egyptians, Sumerians, and later Indians. The original yogic understanding of the full macrocosmic dimension of the human microcosm is seen to inform both the Vedic fire-rituals and the later Agamic temple-rituals since they focus equally on the solar force either as contained within the ritual fire or as embodied in divine idols and in human devotees. A consistent picture thus emerges of the apparently diverse religions of the Indo-Europeans. This work should be of interest to all students of Hinduism, the religions of the ancient Near East, and the spiritual culture of the Indo-Europeans.

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