The Book of Mencius and its Reception... (Book published December


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Publisher  Harrassowitz Verlag (distributed)
Publication Date   December 31, 2008
ISBN  344705669X
Pages  247

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The Mencius, attributed to the philosopher Mengzi (Lat. Mencius, ca. 370-290 BC), the second Sage of the Confucian school after its founder, is one of the most prominent of all Chinese classics, with a great impact on the historical development of Confucianism. Today, it serves as one of the determinants for positioning Confucianism in the modern world, and it is the most discussed Chinese philosophical text in the context of the search for universally valid ethical norms and democracy. The essays collected in this volume by scholars from Taiwan, Japan and Germany focus on various aspect of the reception of the work in East Asia from the Song-Dynasty to the present day. They call into mind the signifance of a thinker who according to Albert Schweitzer is the most modern one of all thinkers of antiquity.

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