The Capital of Kush 2

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Author  P. L. Shinnie
Publisher  Harrassowitz Verlag
Publication Date   December 31, 2004
ISBN  3447048921
Pages  429

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This volume describes the results of the second phase of excavation at Kush. Whilst consolidating the results of the 1965-1972 seasons, new discoveries included massive walls and a series of temples which altered completely the focus of the project. Following a detailed archaeological description of the temples' phases, the book presents specialist reports on the inscriptions, the substantial evidence for the Meroitic pottery industry, decorated stones, sculptures and small finds, many of which are allotted to specific temple rooms. These included weapons, faience, objects made from precious metals, elaborate amulets, jewellery, figurines and statuettes. An additional report discusses the skeletal evidence for a massacre in the city.

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