Keramik Und Kleinfunde Aus Diokaisareia

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Author  Norbert Kramer
Publisher  Walter de Gruyter
Publication Date   June 14, 2012
ISBN  3110222159
Pages  83

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This volume presents the results of the ceramic survey in the Roman town of Diokaisareia in Rugged Cilicia (southern Turkey). At the end of the Hellenistic/beginning of the Roman period a new city was founded around the monumental temple of Zeus Olbios which had been the centre of the Olbian temple state in Hellenistic times. Numerous official buildings were constructed, some of which are still preserved today. The survey of ceramics and small finds facilitates a reconstruction of the pre-Hellenistic use of the site, as well as of the history of pre-urban and urban settlement until its end in the early Byzantine period. To this end the study first presents the finds and find categories, as well as their spatial distribution within the town, before analysing the history of the settlement on the basis of this data.

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