Die dreisprachige Stele des C. Cornelius Gallus...

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Author  Stefan Pfeiffer
Publisher  Walter de Gruyter
Publication Date   August 19, 2009
ISBN  3110201208
Pages  225

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In 30 BC, Octavian (the future emperor Augustus) conquered Egypt, after which he appointed his friend, the poet and general Gaius Cornelius Gallus as first prefect of the new Roman province. Following the defeat of native insurrections in the south of Egypt and after securing the Nubian border, Gallus dedicated a trilingual stela that combines Egyptian, Greek, and Roman iconographic and textual traditions. The book is the result of a multiyear project conducted within Ancient History and Egyptology in order to discuss this victory monument. The Egyptian (hieroglyphic), Latin, and Greek texts have been reviewed and collated with the original and they are presented in a new translation with commentary. With this publication, one of the most important historical sources from the beginning of Roman rule over Egypt is presented in a reliable complete edition.

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