Emil O. Forrer und die Afange der Hethitologie...

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Author  Robert Oberheid
Publisher  Walter De Gruyter
Publication Date   July 30, 2007
ISBN  3110194341
Pages  457

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This biography is more than just a description of the life and works of one of the co-founders of Hittite studies. The discovery of his scholarly estate in 2002, which includes above all documents and letters from the years between 1917 and 1945, not only provides a biographical insight into the life of an interesting and diverse scholar, it also allows us to take a closer look at the beginnings of Hittite studies in Germany. Many rivalries and reasons for heated exchanges, which in particular came to the surface in the so-called Ahhijawa controversy from 1924 onwards, often had an all too human background. Thus this book is both a biography and a history of Hittite studies.

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