Darstellungsziele Und Erzahlstrategien in Antiken...

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Author  Adolf Kohnken
Publisher  Walter de Gruyter
Publication Date   May 1, 2006
ISBN  3110182505
Pages  629

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This is the first compact collection giving access to the author’s most important works on narrative technique in Classical Antiquity, and they are complemented by updated introductory notes, responses to new developments in research and an original paper on the present relevance of Thucydides. The spectrum encompasses individual analyses of the Homeric and Hellenistic epic, the epinicia by Pindar and Bacchylides, the Attic drama, the minor forms of Hellenistic poetry, Graeco-Roman historical writing, and significant texts for narratology and literary history (Aristotle’s Poetics, Horace’s Ars poetica, Pseudo-Longin’s De sublimitate ) and the controversial chronology of Hellenistic poetry. An introduction and indexes facilitate navigation through the book. All of the studies are interpretations which open up new ways of understanding the texts through as complete an evaluation as possible of all the linguistic and factual details in their relevant contexts.

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