Eisenfunde Aus Pergamon

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Author  Wolfgang Gaitzsch
Publisher  Walter De Gruyter Inc
Publication Date   August 26, 2005
ISBN  3110182408
Pages  225

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Gaitzsch evaluates and catalogues some one thousand finds discovered on the Acropolis since 1878 and in the new excavations in the city since 1973. To determine the function and chronology of the finds, he draws on antique, medieval and ethnological parallels from the Eastern Mediterranean, the Balkans and Southern Russia. Individual finds from the late Hellenistic-Imperial periods and larger complexes of finds from Late Byzantine times give an insight into housekeeping and husbandry, crafts and trades, and agriculture in Pergamon. Tradition in crafts and trades is shown in tools and implements from modern workshops. The study is supplemented with documentary photographs; it is the first time that broadly-based material from the area of Asia Minor has been published.

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