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Author  Koray Konuk
Publisher  Walter De Gruyter Inc
Publication Date   October 17, 2005
ISBN  3110182386
Pages  62

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This is the first volume in a series of settlement studies which aims to document all the visible memorials above ground in Herakleia at Latmos and the attendant area from pre-historic times up to the Osmanian era. Peschlow-Bindokat presents the results of her field studies in the Carian city of Latmos. There is a precise and detailed description of the fortifications, the internal construction, the area outside the city walls, and the necropolis of Latmos. The study is complemented with numerous illustrations, a catalogue of the dwellings, and an essay on the coins of Latmos. The volume continues the tradition of systematic exploration of Latmos established by Theodor Wiegand in 1905 in the context of his excavations of Milet.

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