Inscriptiones Graecae Septentrionalis Voluminibus...

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Author  Gunther Garbrecht
Publisher  De Gruyter
Publication Date   December 17, 2001
ISBN  3110174111
Pages  408

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Following the masterly editing of the inscriptions from Aetolia, Acarnania and West Locris by G. Klaffenbach, the second completely revised edition of Volume IG IX 1 is now further advanced with the publication of the 4th fascicle, which contains the inscriptions from the five Ionian islands - Kerkyra, Leukas, Kefallinia, Ithaki and Zakinthos. It supersedes nos. 534-984 of the first edition by W. Dittenberger from 1897. The accompanying fasti gather all known sources for the history of the islands, and an appendix contains the proper names on the coins. The 983 inscriptions are accessed via 9 indexes. A total of 308 inscriptions are reproduced on 48 plates and 57 drawings of tile dies.

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