Apollodoros "Against Neaira" [D 59]

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Author  Konstantinos A. Kapparis
Publisher  De Gruyter
Publication Date   May 21, 1999
ISBN  311016390X
Pages  472

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This volume contains an introduction, new edition of the Greek text, English translation, and detailed linguistic and historical commentary of Apollodoros' speech "Against Neaira" (4th century BC). The introduction provides a comprehensive account of the historical and legal background, authorship, style, technique, manuscripts and textual tradition of the speech, and a radically new interpretation of the case against Neaira. The edition of the Greek text is based on independent collations of manuscripts written before the 14th century, bringing a new sensitivity to the stylistic preferences of Apollodoros. The commentary contains discussions on textual points, grammar, syntax, vocabulary, style and technique, while the historical notes illustrate the constitutional, legal, social and political background of the speech. The book is of the highest interest to scholars and students of the Attic Orators, Athenian society, daily life, women and gender relations, law, constitution, institutions, religion and culture.

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