Egyptian Mythology


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Author  Aude Gros De Beler
Publisher  Moliere
Publication Date   August 1, 2000
ISBN  2907670328
Pages  136

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The desire to understand Egyptian mythology is often, irrespective of religious preference, part of a search for the source of our spirituality and for the light that has been throwing a particular glow on humankind's ambitions and metaphysical speculations for thousands of years.

So to enter the pantheon of ancient Egypt is to try and understand the complex relationships that united gods to humans. It is to try to reach through multiple transpositions -- half human, half beast -- the divine nature that haunts all civilizations.

The complex theology of the Egyptians is made clear in this book through surveys of:
-- The stories and legends surrounding 50 Egyptian deities
-- Their icons and representations
-- Symbols, amulets, scepters, and crowns
-- A lexicon of divinities
-- Hieroglyphs: signs and determinatives

This volume, with its authoritative text, explanatory charts, chronologies, and handsome full-color illustrations is a must for all with an interest in the past, ancient civilizations, and man's quest for the divine throughout history.

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