Normandy June 44 (Book published July 31, 2016)


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Author  J.B. Djian
Publisher  OREP
Publication Date   July 31, 2016
ISBN  2815103338
Pages  64

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During World War Two Canada paid a heavy price for its part in the liberation of Europe. In August 1942, due to poor planning, the attack on Dieppe, codename ‘Operation Jubilee’, resulted in a bitter defeat and great loss of life. However, much was learned from these mistakes, much was learned which helped the towards the preparations for ‘Operation Neptune’, part of ‘Operation Overlord’. On June 6th 1944, the Canadian soldiers landed on Juno Beach. For them, nothing would ever be the same. And yet...most of these young men were volunteers. Twenty-five years later, a survivor of the battle took part in a programme on Radio Montreal to commemorate these events, and the emotions were still as raw as in 1944.

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