Associated Regional Chronologies for the Ancient...

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Author  E. Peltenburg
Publisher  Brepols Publishers
Publication Date   February 28, 2013
ISBN  2503534988
Pages  375

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During the 3rd millennium BC, Cyprus became deeply involved with the Ancient Near East and with other parts of the East Mediterranean for the first time since the island was colonised.This included the likely migration of peoples from the East Aegean and Anatolia, and changes that ushered in the Bronze Age.Archaeological data for this millennium, however, is scattered and studies tend to be divided on either side of the Bronze Age watershed.Written by well-known specialists, this volume presents the first detailed assessment of the chronological developments on the island across that divide.Richly illustrated, it provides an indispensible framework for the period and lays the foundations for more accurate evaluations of inter-regional connections.

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