Associated Regional Chronologies for the Ancient...

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Author  Walther Sallaberger
Publisher  Brepols Publishers
Publication Date   March 4, 2015
ISBN  2503534945
Pages  445

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The volume on "History and Philology" within the ARCANE project is an up-to-date presentation of the data and problems connected to the chronology of the third millennium BC of Mesopotamia and adjacent regions. As an introduction, Walther Sallaberger and Ingo Schrakamp provide an overview of the pertinent cuneiform sources and discuss the reconstruction of a historical chronology. Furthermore the book includes articles on chronological problems and a regional history from the Fara period to the end of the millennium from leading experts: A. Archi and M.-G. Biga on Ebla, K. De Graef on Susa, G. Marchesi on early dynasties, F. Pomponio on Adab, I. Schrakamp on historical geography, W. Sommerfeld on the Akkadian period, H. Steible on Fara, P. Steinkeller on the Gutian period.

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