Water for the City, Fountains for the People...

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Author  Julian Richard
Publisher  Brepols Publishers
Publication Date   February 1, 2013
ISBN  250353449X
Pages  350

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Monumental fountains were essential utilitarian and aesthetic components of any well-to-do Roman urban center. Besides their functional role of providing water, they were also designed to express the social, political and religious universe of Roman cities. Prominently located in public spaces, they were active bearers of collective and individual identities. This study examines the function and the symbolic meaning of monumental fountains within the complex framework of urban life in the Eastern provinces of the Roman Empire. Different aspects of monumental fountains -architecture, hydro-technical apparatus, sculpture assemblages, epigraphy,..- were studied from an integrated perspective in order to draw an exhaustive picture of these ubiquitous symbols of opulence and self-representation.

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